Thursday, November 10, 2005

tell the truth

i was reading somebodies blog yesterday, maybe jon's friend allan? i can't remember. anyway, he was sharing his ruminations and ramblings that he has compiled over the past year or so regarding living a good life. while i found most of the maxims interesting (and some even profound), two really stuck with me. I'd better quote him, so it get it right:

1. Unity at the expense of truth is worthless.

2. Since when did "at least I’m being honest" give license to say whatever we want regardless if its hurtful or rude. When did honesty become the highest stand-alone virtue?

now, i'm pretty sure i agree with both of these statements...but that is where the problem comes in. i'm also pretty sure they contradict each other. i think i have lived in this tension fairly well in the last several years. i mean, basically, i am "nice" to people i don't know very well, and "honest" with those i do.

but isn't that sort of backwards? i mean, why be bluntly honest with those that are the closest to mean. why doesn't my desire to encourage others increase as my intimacy with them increases. this is all very confusing.

but here's the kicker, i'm not really so concerned about myself on this one. its other people in my life that are causing me to ponder. i have a handful of people in my life that wear their blunt honesty like a badge...constantly reminding you that it is their moral duty and obligation to "shoot straight" with you at all times. one friend just blasted me the other day for blowing sunshine up his you-know-what. he says, "how are people ever going to learn if you don't tell them when they are wrong?" i see his point, but i just really have no desire to be an a-hole in the name of truth.

the scariest part is when people use the bible as justification for being downright mean. "i'm just preaching the word, bro." i think sometimes people just enjoy the rush they get from blasting someone else with their version of reality. i also think that we all can be so quick to share our "wonderful plan for your life" instead of journeying alongside our brothers and sisters as they allow Jesus to reveal His plan for their lives.

so what's more important...truth or unity? i guess i am just going to pray for and practice a way that lovingly promotes unity without compromising truth. or maybe i'll just hide in my room and wait for the rapture.


allan said...

I’m glad my random thoughts sparked further thoughts. I’m also glad that your conclusion is a “both and”, balancing complex of what is true and unifying. But mostly I love the idea of hiding in your room waiting for the rapture. (That’s me 6 out of 7 days.)

p.s I’m curious about the name, The Amos Complex.

cory said...

thanks for the commentary. its sort of scary that people actually read these words.

i've always said that i have something of an amos complex, based on my generalization of the prophet's outlook on life. i basically read his message as: "you think this is the good life? let me set you straight..." i am constantly (especially in ministry settings) i am searching for a better way, a more Christ-like way, you know?

hopefully, though, the self-deprecation comes through. i don't actually think i am on par with amos. i just know that i share his "afflict-the-comfortable" mindset.

Jon said...

Hey Cory when is that next post coming? And you free at all in January for a short retreat with the men?

Mary said...

i think the rapture must have come and only taken cory ...

where ARE you?