Tuesday, November 29, 2005

what's my problem?

i was sitting in a school class on sunday and i could not shake this question. i mean, everyone has their quirks, issues, deficiencies and deformities, but what the heck is my problem with church? i have been dissatisfied with church for years now. i have been through all the cliches (there is no perfect church...be the change you want to see...its not about _____, its all about ______) about 3 times now, and still i can't figure it out.

a couple of options:

1. i am just a pain in the posterior
2. i need to focus on the positive
3. there really is a great church out there and i haven't found it yet
4. i must relocate to grand rapids to attend mars hill
5. if i would just "get right with God" everything will be OK (see aforementioned cliches)
6. i need to pray and work and work and pray to bring about the true biblical, Spirit-led transformation that my current local church body desperately needs, and refuse to give up or get cynical
7. i am totally kidding about the above link, well, sort of kidding...we do sort of have this cynical brotherhood thing...but that's for another blog.

i guess i'll stop numbering my sentences now. so, in the name of jon's blog, i would like your help...if any of you are still reading this after my hiatus...could you please anonymously or un-anonymously leave some feedback about what you love about your church...and if you don't go to church, then what you think an awesome church would look like? i would really appreciate it.

when you paddle a canoe, you always end up going toward whatever it is you are looking at. so if you are focusing on trying to avoid a big boulder that will mash your kevlar to smithereens, you will inevitably be swimming back to shore. btw, i saw the smithereens this summer in the park here in manitowoc. i believe that's what is called a death knell for their career. my point is, to avoid the boulder, you have to focus on the open water and your paddles will correct your course and keep you nice and dry.

i want some open water to focus on. tell me what you love about your church, or what you would love about a church, and maybe i can start paddling.


Mary said...

cory, thank you for the first laugh this morning. i clicked on the "cynical" link and definitely enjoyed a vocal chuckle in my office space. thanks for that.

but as far as church goes, i had a hard, hard time making the transition to a new church when i moved to chitown. it'd be MUCH easier for me to draw up a list of reasons of what makes a bad church, but boo, no.

so here's the thing i really like about my quite imperfect church now:

1. free food and coffee (i'm a sucker for any church like that. it just WORKS)
2. no pretension among the leadership
3. a worship pastor who quite obviously desires to usher in the presence of the holy spirit
4. my pastor's long hair

i know it's not much. and there are a hundred things i would love to see different, but for me, i feel i have to change my hidden motives of "i would do it better if i were in charge" and learn how to pray for the leadership of the church and, essentially, follow.

anyway, i haven't had coffee yet, so forgive me if it's all incoherent ...

acj said...

Adam J. here--

1. "a healing place for hurting people"

2. that hippie who gets up to preach every week

3. it's simple, without trappings--sing to worship, sit to learn, pass a plate, and stand to be blessed

4. a nursery!!!

5. musicians who want to usher in the Spirit and also care about developing their skills to that end.