Sunday, November 06, 2005

manitowoc delivers

as kara and i were driving home from an enjoyable dinner at a local bar and grill, i repeated my weekly proclamation: "i don't think i can stay here much longer."

now, to place this in its proper context, i renounce my local citizenship so often, that kara is no longer alarmed, or maybe no longer even listening. it's not that manitowoc is a bad place to live. in fact, our neighborhood is quite charming, and we love our home. it's more a reaction to the fact that i can't find a coffee shop with an inspiring atmosphere. or that employees at local establishments look at me like i asked for directions to neptune when i order a beer that isn't sold in 30-packs. or that there is no real university off which i can mooch resources. i could go on.

the difference between friday's defection and the rest was that it came after a really great day. it was one of my favorite of my young teaching career. i had great rapport with kids, lots of them had "a-ha!" moments, i was able to both share and model my faith with colleagues, and i had china buffet for lunch for crying out loud. it was a good day! so why the dissatisfaction? why the wanderlust?

so how did God respond to my whining? he gave me the ideal saturday. i slept in a little, shared a long, fresh-baked breakfast with kara, raked leaves and built a fire in the backyard, walked downtown and listened to a guitar virtuouso at a local artist's showing, sample homebrewed beer and wine at a shop, visted the local art gallery (and saw an amazingly thought-provoking exhibit on faith and justice), watched the badger game with friends, had dinner at an international food fair, and went home and watched an episode of the west wing on dvd. i slept like a baby, buzzing with contentment, and a shade embarassed by my attitude.

now i just need to find a way to love my church. maybe you can pray for me on this one?


acj said...

Cory, I boldly predict you will retire in Manti, but be slightly dissatisfied all along. Just kidding. Sounds like a great Saturday for anywhere, but especially Manti. I am praying for your local church...


Mary said...

your saturday honestly does sound ideal. and the fact that you both are within walking distance of downtown AND have space to build a fire in your backyard? wow, i am fully envious.

by the way, where is that photo from? it's GORGEOUS.