Monday, October 17, 2005

the safety dance

i just heard this announcement over the p.a. here at school: "there will be a safe meeting tomorrow morning at 7 am for anyone interested in attending." who exactly was the audience for that message? who says, "oh man, i've had enough of those meetings with the gunfire and knife juggling and fast driving...i need a safe meeting for a change." what the crap?

that reminded me of the explosion (intentional irony) of "safety fairs" in recent years. what kind of kid says, "mommy, lets go learn 'bout some safety!" you probably even had teachers, etc. that preached, "safety first." i just want to go on record and say that i believe that to be a bunch of bullcrap. i don't mean that we should go around sticking paper clips in electrical outlets, but i'm pretty sure that GOD never meant for safety to ascend to the highest moral value in his universe of waterfalls, tornadoes, and grizzly bears. just a hunch.

i probably sound like john eldredge. he's ok. i'd rather sound like cs lewis.


Adam Go said...

I didn't know your name was spelled "Corye"

Gosh, I think I need to re-write all my salvation testimonies now...

Blogging - it'll get better. And then you'll get bored or go crazy. I've gotten bored. Jon-obviously gone crazy.

Glad to be your 1st comment!

Jon said...

Welcome to blog world and what is this about me being crazy? I could take you Adam.

Rachel said...

Hey! I wandered over here from Mary's blog, and found out you're in Manitowoc! That's where I grew up (well, a little north of there, but that's where I say I'm from since no one knows about Francis Creek). I'm in Syracuse, NY, now, though. How do you like it? Where do you teach?

(Sorry for the overt enthusiasm--just surprised at the randomness of e-encountering someone in my old hometown.)

cory said...

Thanks for the greeting Rachel. My wife and i moved to Manitowoc 2 1/2 years ago from LaCrosse (and from Madison before that) to teach. I teach History at Lincoln & and my wife, language arts at Wilson. We really like it here, and even though everyone claims we live in the hood (south side), we don't really think so.

while this is quite the e-coincidence, i have been even more amazed by the amount of like-minded people in this little web ring-around-jon-and-mary. its cool.

nice to meet you.

Mary said...

rachel smith!! i didn't even know you read my blog?!? i just saw rachel beck the other day and we chatted about how much we are missing the smiths. please tell braids i say hello - so so happy to see you are online!

and cory, welcome to the blog world :) very glad you're here

Rachel said...

Hi Corye,

Thanks for the welcome. I went to grade school at Immanuel, right across from Wilson--that's cool. You also might know Keith Wakeman in the language dept at Lincoln (at least I think he's still there)--I went to high school at Manitowoc Lutheran with his sons Aaron and Andrew.

Hi to Mary, too! I'll come talk on your blog, and Laura's too, sometime. I haven't talked to Rachel Beck in forever...well, since summer. I should get on that. I will also tell Braden hi--he bought jeans the other day, you know.

Anyway, thanks for the response and keep up the good blogging!

Jon said...

Okay you started strong but now it is time to get some new thoughts up.

"Yes have some"...Ghostbusters!