Sunday, October 16, 2005

low bar lights

i can't explain why, but this is my favorite whiskeytown song ever. and i love whiskeytown. has anyone else noticed that ryan adams by himself is something of a pretentious little punk, but when he's with the band he is a genius? i mean, i have never done anything that he sings about in jacksonville skyline, but i feel like his ballad is my life story. maybe that's just my own myopic worldview.

maybe myopia would have been a better title for this blog. what the hell is a blog anyway?

on an unrelated note, don miller wrote something once about sports fans "attaching their ego" to their favorite team. i thought he was just being a nerd ripping on jocks until i thought about it a little. i'm not sure if i totally agree, but i realized that what i really love about a big badger win is not necessarily the win itself, but rather the following week of mad props received from the national media for my team. i guess maybe i think they are talking about me...except i couldn't have made the 10th string waterboy for the badgers, and i haven't even been to a game in years.

one more unrelated note, we have this sunday school class today and we were talking about temptation and this guy...a man's man...iraq vet and everything...starts trying to make a point about something theological. but instead of making his point and sounding smart, he just broke down and confessed a butt load of sin before the whole group. everyone was in shock, tears were flowing, and someone adeptly led us into prayer for the guy. i know that must have sucked for him and for his wife, but i couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable everyone got. even the leader just kind of fumbled and dismissed the class and told us to have a nice week. i'm not sure what i would have done as the leader, but i'm pretty sure we missed a golden opportunity to quit playing church and begin to enter into real community. i say this to my laptop now, but i wasn't man enough to follow his lead and publicly confess my sin...pretty much the same as his. i respect that guy so much after today. nothing he has done, including risking his life in this war, compares with a move like that. we talk a lot about revival as christians...well, that's where it starts...weeping over our sin clinging to Christ as our only hope.

good night and have a nice week.

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