Friday, October 14, 2005

green grass over there

i'm having one of those days. you know the kind i'm talking about...everything sucks. the funny part is, i always seem to have these days following really cool experiences. for instance, last weekend i got together with world famous blogger, jon, and his trusty sidekick adam at a surprisingly happening beer and burger joint in fond du lac. while we engaged in witty banter and foolish chatter, i was distracted by the desire to enjoy this sort of fellowship on a more regular basis. i mean, is that too much to ask? i have not found the quality of relationships that i was blessed with in madison anywhere since. how can that be? other that future chief justice krueger, most of us are pretty average folks. there was just...something...

the other cool experience that left me green was visiting another high school on friday. a bunch of teachers from my school went to check out a school that had successfully implemented the international baccalaureate program, hoping to glean some wisdom from their staff and students. it was an awesome school with an awesome staff...and i guess it left me a little jealous. now, honestly, if i was a teacher there, and i came to lincoln for a day, i would likely feel the same way. i just need to learn to appreciate what i have, continue to grow, and find contentment in any circumstance.

the funny thing is, our pastor preached about temptation today, and the whole time all i could think about was this whole "grass is greener" thing. i mean, how better to understand temptation than the misguided belief that you are missing out on something better. it doesn't matter if it's greed, lust, slander, or hatred...for me, it all seems to come back to the belief that i am missing out. and if i would only ________, then i would be fulfilled, happy, relevant.

i gotta go to bed now. i hope i don't miss out on anything while i'm sleeping.

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