Sunday, October 09, 2005

why do people do this?

i can't explain what has compelled me to starting recording my thoughts. my journaling track record has been horrid over the last 10 years, and to try again in such a public way? we'll see how it goes. all i know is that when i got together with jon and adam this weekend, jon talked about his blog, and when i checked it out along with others linked to it, something really struck a chord in me.

the first question i need to deal with is, "who is my audience?" again, i am unsure. so until i figure it out, i'll just write for me with the understanding that others may peruse from time to time.

as for a commitment to writing, i can't honestly make one. my goal is to maybe write once a week or so, depending on the week. i also want to keep each entry short, as that will allow me to write without feeling pressure...and i am waaaay more likely to read someone elses that is relatively short, i guess.

most of my words will emerge from daily crises of faith in life. i mean crises in the classical sense...turning points...moments of departure from habit and assumption when the spirit can do what it does. politics, theology, music, movies, marriage...all are fair game. oh, and church...i think and talk and complain and weep over (metaphorically speaking, i haven't actually cried in years...which will likely be a topic at some point) the church constantly, so i can't imagine not writing about it.

maybe something someone reads will resonate and cause them to respond in some way. and maybe i can enter into some sort of weird e-community that brings joy and growth to my life and the lives of others involved. sometimes, i feel pretty isolated in this beautiful and peaceful city. like-minded individuals have been hard to come by so far. maybe this will help.

well, i think i'll go update my profile now. hopefully, i'll write again soon.

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