Thursday, February 16, 2006

snow day!

sweet serendipity...we get the day off today!

i'm not sure what my favorite part of all this bedlam really is. i definitely love all the weather hyperbole being flung from my tv. in their desperate attempts to attract viewers, we have moved from snow showers to winter storms to major winter weather events to (my personal favorite) winter storm "christine."

or maybe it was when i got up at a quarter after 5 this morning to watch the roll being called of all the educational institutions who jumped at the opportunity to officially sanction a district-wide hookey event.

no, i think it was the pancakes. and the good (not gas station) coffee in my lazy-boy, chatting with my wife about nothing in particular as the Blizzard 2006 media frenzy cackled in the background. the confused look (more than usual anyway) on my dog's face as we stayed in bed waaaay after the alarms went off. the pedestrian commute to my classroom (i can't stay away) at 10am through knee-high snow drifts, knowing i'm only going to stay for a couple hours.

life is good, and it is greatly enhanced by unexpected snow days.


abby said...

Sweet serendipity--what perfect words :-) We got a snow day here too. Even Madison called off school--now that's a storm!

I, too, can't pick a favorite part. The weather hyperbole you speak of is definitely near the top, though. But really it's probably everything I did (which was a whole lot of nothing) and felt no guilt about because indulgences are not only allowed on snow days, they're really what the day is about. Just stopping for a while in order to take care.

kara said...

That was a great day. Maybe we can have one every Thursday? I'm pretty glad we're both teachers in the same district so we can enjoy these together! What a blessing. Don't forget to add the part about watching the dog bury himself in snow. He was doing that this morning when you left...he's just addicted.