Thursday, February 09, 2006

for the youth pastors...

i have repeatedly wet myself watching you can too! i feel for the guy. it reminds me of the time i was talking about social conflicts with my sophomores and i (thought) i wrote "sexual orientation" on the board, but when all the asian students in the room started giggling, i turned around and found that i had written "sexual oriental".



Jared said...

I'm in the computer lab and the strange noises I'm making while painfully trying to supress falling on floor laughing is starting to concern people. The smell of urine can't help.

Thanks cory

Mary said...

actually, this clip provided most of my laughs during my ridiculously difficult work week last week.

and - like you mentioned on jon's - the deer in the headlights look is the BEST part. i've rewound it just after that time and time again. hi-LAR-ious.