Saturday, February 10, 2007

ok, ok.

as promised, i am now blogging again. blog, blog, blog...yep. that's what i'm doing. i'm blogging. and it's great, let me tell you. the thing is, i'm not sure i have anything to say...

so, in the spirit of keeping it on the positive tip (thank you arsenio), let me start with some raves:

1. sufjan stevens: he basically rules the indiefolkpop universe. if the world has ever met a greater musical genius, well, it just hasn't. if you (who?) haven't discovered his spellbinding fusion of carnival instrumentation and elementary school choruses...well, you're just missing out.

2. nt wright: back in my fundamentalist days, i would have deemed bishop wright eternally tainted for even sitting next to those jesus seminar heretics. i'm glad i grew up. this brother has a gift for theology, especially tricky issues of christology. he refuses to stick with the pat answers, or to resort to baby-out-with-the-bathwater liberalism, instead charting a new course. his insistence that we understand jesus and his words in the 1st C. jewish context in which the originated brings a fresh new relevance to our time-honored understandings.

3. spring: i never used to long for spring, but a week of sub-zero, plus next week's predicted "warmup" of the teens just makes my want to cry. (stay positive, stay positive) but...i know that...uhh...well...oh, yeah, spring is only a couple months away! (does that count?)

4. city of god: i wish i could articulate why i loved this movie so much. the acting was terrific, and i think the writing was good, although it was clear that much was lost in translation. maybe you could watch it and then tell me what you thought about it and then i'll just repeat your ideas to others as my own. okay?

i have to go now. my wife is actually standing over me with her jacket on. that is a less-than-subtle hint. we are going to a benefit concert with local acoustic musicians, so that should be great.

i write again soon. i promise.


Laura said...

Yeah Cory - blogging is good.. City of God is a great movie!

Mary said...

i will have to really try to get into nt wright. i feel mostly tired of professional theologians because, well, probably because we don't speak the same languages. i mean, i'm trying to get through this francis collins book on evidence for belief, and it just does not appeal to me the same way anne lammot or shane claiborne or anne kimmel do. but if you suggest it, i'll give it a go.

i may ask for "cory's cliff notes" later ...

and welcome back to blogging!

cory said...

i find him pretty readable. especially if you stick with the "layperson" stuff he writes (the challenge of jesus, simply christian).

thanks to you both for your welcome. i really don't think i love blogging, but i love to write and i want to develop my skills for the future. i feel like i have lost so much since college.