Saturday, December 10, 2005

but i don't even have udders

inspired by mary's latest, i tried this and i lauged out loud...which seems to me to be a pretty good indication that i should post. so here it is...

1. Cory Needs Our Help In Chiangmai
2. Cory needs milking
3. Cory needs to be fixed
4. Cory needs to be cleaned out.
5. Cory needs to gain weight
6. cory needs to sell some houses
7. Cory needs you more than you need him
8. Cory needs a lot of special attention. He is easily over stimulated and needs a calm environment.
9. Cory needs a stool for the harmonicas.
10. Cory needs to have his eyes examined ...he may need contacts.

1 comment:

.alyssa¤ said...

stop lying. you do have udders. being your favorite student (don't deny it), you've confided such things in me. no need to hide from the cyberworld, they are somewhat accepting. (keyword being somewhat.)

anyway, this is just proof that i went and looked up your blog. and read it.. i think i should get extra credit for that or something. how about you work on that for me?